Strip Outs

Strip Outs


Whelan the Wrecker is just as skilled and experienced in internal demolition as we are in the professional demolition of entire structures. Whether you’re after a full-scale office or commercial strip out, or a smaller sized defit, Whelans have the people, plant and equipment to get the job done right.

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What are Strip Outs?

While your project may not require the complete demolition of a building, hard and soft strip outs are nevertheless high risk works that demand specialist skills, experience and qualifications.

Strip outs involve a technical process to remove the internal parts of a building in preparation for renovation or restoration. This type of job safely removes and disposes of any hazardous materials such as asbestos before preparing the site for its next use. At the same time, we work to make sure the external structure of the building is untouched and protected.

As strip out specialists, Whelan the Wrecker strives to minimise any dust, noise and vibrations during the job, and to recycle as much as we possibly can, including bricks, concrete, steel and timber.

Strip outs come in all shapes and sizes. You may need a soft, smaller scale strip out, such as removing certain fixtures like lighting or partitions. Alternatively, your goal may be a complete hard strip out of the internal part of an office or commercial building, taking away all items such as heating and cooling units and demolishing walls and floors.

Whelans specialises in all types of office strip outs and commercial strip outs. In every job, we work to consistently reduce waste and recycle and thereby retain our long-standing reputation as Melbourne’s premier building recycling company.

Soft Strip Outs

This involves removing the non-structural, loose components of an office or commercial premise, such as:

  • Fixtures such as signage and shelving
  • Temporary floors and ceilings
  • Furniture such as cabinets and desks
  • Non-load bearing partitions

Hard Strip Outs

Whelans also handles hard strip outs with ease, completely removing all internal fixtures and fittings as well as demolishing walls and inbuilt fixtures. Afterwards, we remove all waste and thoroughly clean your site, leaving it stripped back to its bare bones, ready for its next incarnation.

We’ll remove:

  • Ceilings and roof, walls and floors
  • Sinks and cabinetry
  • Roof structure removal
  • Pre-cast panel cut outs
  • Amenities
  • Temporary works engineering and design
  • Heritage protection and retention

Recycling and Resource Recovery

Whelan the Wrecker has always been a recycler of building materials, ever since its inception in 1892. From reselling useful bits of scrap more than 100 years ago, to diverting the majority of waste from our strip outs and demolition services today, we are exceptionally good at waste management.

Our comprehensive waste management and resource recovery capabilities are built upon decades of experience and long-standing, trusted relationships with secondary market processors that offer our clients unrivalled value for money.

For instance, we divert from landfill 90 per cent of all our demolition and construction waste, including bricks, asphalt, masonry, timber and scrap steel. We sort and process the waste at our own transfer and production facilities, or at one of our longstanding partner facilities. We then turn it into building materials, such as Envirocrete and Envirobase, that are in turn used by clients such as VicRoads.

This kind of resource recovery is the circular economy in action, whereby we reduce waste, create jobs and help set up our city and state for a more sustainable future.

Whelans is certified to the ISO14001 environmental management system, which provides us with practical tools to help us manage our environmental responsibilities, including using resources more efficiently and reducing waste.

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